Nylon is the most frequently used carpet fiber and is highly desirable due to its exceptional durability, versatility and reasonable pricing. Commonly used in residential and commercial applications, nylon can be dyed in an endless variety of colors and made into numerous styles and textures.


Polyester has good color clarity, colorfastness and is resistance to water-soluble stains. It is used in residential and a few commercial applications. All of Mohawk's staple polyester yarn comes from our state-of-the-art plastic bottle recycling facility. This "food-grade" PET Polyester fiber might be considered to be better quality than "carpet-grade" polyester fiber.


Also known as Olefin - this fiber resists fading, generates low levels of static electricity, is favorably priced and can be engineered in outdoor applications. Due to its manufacturing process, polypropylene inherently resists stains. When used in specific carpet constructions, this yarn will perform as well as most resilient fibers.


The most expensive of the fibers we offer, wool is a natural fiber with moderate soil and stain resistance. Wool's favorable qualities include durability, luxuriousness and it has reduced visible soiling due to it's fine, light-scattering characteristics.